If my son could talk, I am certain this is how he would wish his dad (‘Baba’) a happy birthday.

Shortly after I was born,
You held me so close and dear,
Whispering soft sweet ‘angai’
Into my little ear.

Then a few months passed
And I learned to sit and crawl,
You showed me how
To put on my hat and throw my ball.

When mummy’s birthday came,
You picked out a perfect little gift from me.
With so much love and care
To show just how much she means to me.

Now I’m walking with my little feet
Up and down the hall.
You watch me run and play, Baba,
Ready to catch me when I fall.

You will blink and before your eyes
You will see that I’m turning two;
Beaming proudly, standing tall
Saying, “Look, Baba, I tied my shoe!”

Another blink and I’m sixteen
In the drivers seat of a car.
Don’t worry, Baba, I’ll be safe,
But, I won’t be home by dark.

Just yesterday, with a single arm,
You held me with so much ease.
Now look at me, Baba,
I’m almost six foot three.

Today you lead the way
And I try to keep up with you,
But, Baba, there will come a time
When the reverse will be true.

But no matter how big I may be,
Always catch me when I fall,
Never stop leading me,
And teaching me right from wrong.

I may not always listen, Baba,
I may not be the perfect son,
But, you will always be my hero
When all is said and done.

Whenever I say “That’s my Baba!”
My heart fills with pride.
Forever, I will love you.
Forever, you will be mine.


  1. You have captured the sentiments that every child has towards his or her father: admiration. Your husband is lucky to have you as the mother of his son. You will always teach him to love and appreciate his dad.

    Excellent writing, as always. I am proud to say you were a student of mine!!!

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