Gravity Maze: Review and Giveaway

It didn’t matter if it was NES, SNES, or N64, growing up with two brothers, I rarely got my hands on the controller. But, when I did, all I did was play tetris. I’m a real sucker for logic games. So when I got my hands on Gravity Maze, a Toy of the Year Awards nominee, I was super excited!

Gravity Maze is marble logic game where the goal is to build a path through the towers in order to get the marble to the target. It is a single player game for ages eight and up. That being said, I could see it working as a multi-player cooperative game where kids work together to complete the challenges, or even a competitive game with teams!

First Impressions

The game is exceptionally well-made; the game board, game pieces, and challenge cards are durable, visually appealing, and will clearly stand the test of time.

gravity maze

How to Play

The game comes with 3 game marbles, 9 colored towers of varying heights, a target tower, and 60 challenge cards ranging from Beginner to Expert. Each challenge cards shows the start and end position of the marble, and which towers you may use to get from point A to B. It’s up to you to figure out the placement of the towers.
challenge cards

Game Play

Gravity Maze is addictive, challenging, and innovative. The construction of the three-dimensional path requires not only reasoning, but also visuospatial perception skills. The challenge cards increase in complexity allowing it to grow with your child, build confidence, and keep them interested and engaged in the game.

What I Love

What I especially love about this game is that there isn’t an ‘app’ equivalent. It’s 3D in a way that no video game or app could adequately execute which means you’ll find yourself turning the game board, flipping, twisting and turning towers, and examining it from different angles to determine the right path to the target. Gravity Maze is a hands-on game that will make kids and adults alike put their screens away.

An added note for teachers: I couldn’t help but think how awesome this game would be in my junior/intermediate classroom. This is the perfect game for the kids who finish their work early and need to be challenged further. It’s great for cooperative play during those dreaded indoor recess days. Gravity Maze is fun, educational, and engaging — every parent and teacher’s dream come true!

ThinkFun has generously offered to giveaway Gravity Maze to one lucky reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below with your name, and we’ll draw a winner on Monday, December 15th at 4PM PST. Good luck! 



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